Do you struggle with getting your child to brush their teeth ? Well I can help with the "Tooth Fairy Door". If you provide me with your child's name  I can send them this special Tooth Fairy Door with their favorite colour of toothbrush and fairy size toothpaste and mouthwash . I will inform your child via Tooth Fairy Patrol how important it is to brush their teeth. Your child can assemble their door as they wish and decorate it to their taste. Your child can then place they Tooth Fairy Door in a place where  (Tooth Fairy Patrol) can keep an "eye" to see if they are brushing as they should. Alternatively your child may just want to have a Tooth Fairy Door for the Tooth Fairy to visit to collect their baby teeth or they may like one to decorate their room.

Dr Barman toothbrush which brushes all three sides of the teeth at once are and extra €3 only come in Blue Navy Green and Pink.

Toothfairy Patrol

Toothbrush Colour (Standard)
Dr Barman (3 sided Toothbrush) + €3