Crayola Flossers Twistable flavours 90 pack

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TWISTED DENTAL FLOSS: These fun kids flossers come with a special twisted dental floss that flattens to easily slip through teeth
THREE EXCITING FRUIT FLAVORS: Make daily flossing fun with these twisted flavors that your kids will love: Watermelon, Grape, and Apple
FLUORIDE-COATED FLOSS: These flossers aren’t just great for removing food particles, they’re also coated with fluoride.
LONGER HANDLE FOR SMALLER HANDS: Twisted handles are designed for kids’ hands to easily grip and reach front and back teeth for full mouth cleaning
SHRED RESISTANT DENTAL FLOSS: Kids need dental floss that can withstand the rigors of between teeth cleaning. These flossers were designed with durable, shred-resistant dental floss