Mild Mint Flavour Toothpaste 1400ppm Fluoride

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Punch & Judy are friends with a smiley crocodile who likes keeping all his big teeth clean. The friendly characters on this Mild Mint toothpaste will turn brushing teeth and gum care into a story with a very happy ending

WIN THE BRUSH TIME BATTLE – No more fuss and tears when brushing your little one’s teeth. Thanks to this gentle toothpastes fun bubblegum flavour and characters, this kid’s toothpaste will overcome any resistance; a win win for mums and dads.
SAFE IF SWALLOWED – There is no need to worry if your child likes the taste too much! Our flavoured toothpaste is safe if swallowed however sustained ingestion of large quantities will lead to gastric upset and so shouldn’t be encouraged.

HEALTHY TEETH AND HEALTHY GUMS – We have been keeping little teeth and gums healthy as well as making parents’ life easier for more than 35 years. It’s time to enjoy brushing teeth again; getting rid of dental plaque and tooth decay at the same time!
1400ppm fluoride