Bea gives up the Dummy

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A picture book that is designed to help children who are struggling to give up their dummies. Children love it because it’s a fabulous fairy story with beautiful illustrations, and parents love it because it enables children to kick their dummy habit once and for all. The book follows the story of a little boy called Ben, who refuses to give up his dummy. Then one night his mother persuades him to leave all his dummies outside his room for the ‘Dummy Fairy’ to take – (in exchange for a special gift). Ben gets to meet the fairy, who shows him that it IS possible to give up dummies without shedding a single tear. The book uses a fun and imaginative story to teach children why it makes sense to give up dummies, and it also offers up some fun ideas to stop them missing them once they’ve gone. After reading, parents can simply follow the book at home, and arrange an exciting visit from the Dummy Fairy, to the delight of their child. Ben Gives Up His Dummy provides an easy, fun way for parents to say goodbye to dummies for good.