Dr Barman Toothbrush

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Effective and easy to use Cleans 3 surfaces equally well in one action Bristles correctly angled towards gum line Guides itself from tooth to tooth Ideal for children to acquire the skill of toothbrushing at an early age .

Removes up to 25% more plaque Provides more contact with tooth surfaces Leads to healthier gums Easier to learn and master brushing technique Superbrush is acknowledged as the most efficient for brushing children?s teeth. People spend, on average, 1 minute brushing their teeth. Many brush less than 30 seconds Dr. Barman?s Superbrush cleans 3 surfaces at the same time.

This brush is ideal for young children or children/adults with special needs.

Be sure to select the type of brush you would like for the required age and colour.

5 colours to choose from
Lime Green
Mint Green