Flossy the Cow Smiley Sonic Toothbrush (3-11 years)

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The Smiley Sonic Toothbrush makes Tooth brushing so much fun.

The Smiley Sonic Toothbrush has been specially designed with child and parent in mind with it’s super fun features and bespoke LED inspection function.

The Smiley Sonic Toothbrush hosts a variety of special brushing features:
Choose from 7 lighting colour themes before each brushing experience.

Built in 2 minute timer with pulse activation reminder for effective overall brushing.
Built in clear LED inspection light makes it super convenient for parent to monitor children’s oral health development.
The Ergonomic easy grip handle allows children to maintain a super controlled cleaning experience in all four quadrants during brushing.
Age appropriate brush heads included for children’s developing teeth.
The Smiley Sonic Toothbrush with soft bristles and gentle vibrations of 22,000 strokes per minute is ideal for children ages 3+.
2 X Replacement heads for ages 3-10years included.
4 pack replacement heads also available at www.smileyeileey.ie

Changing the replacement head
To detach: Grip toothbrush handle with bristles facing towards you, turn brush head clockwise and slide upwards.
To attach: Grip toothbrush handle, align new brush head, bristles facing towards you, turn brush head anti-clockwise until head clicks into secure position.

How to use
When using for the first time: Open the Toothbrush at the bottom and remove plastic stopper beside battery
Wet bristles and apply a pea size amount of toothpaste on your Smiley Sonic Toothbrush.
Press the power button once for lighting colour display and a second time to select your preferred colour switching on your Smiley Sonic Toothbrush and a third time to select LED inspection light.
To achieve the ultimate clean, brush each quadrant in circular motions for 30 seconds changing quadrant at the pulse intervals. (insert quadrant picture here).
The Smiley Sonic Toothbrush will power off after 2 minutes, completing your clean.

Replacing the battery

Turn battery cap anti-clockwise to remove
Insert a new AAA battery
Align line marker on battery cap with line marker on brush handle
Turn clockwise to resecure battery cap.
Use only AAA 1.5v alkaline battery.
Insert with the correct polarity.
Remove battery when product is stored for a long period of time or battery is exhausted.
Dispose of battery correctly.
The battery supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.