Oral Health Starter Kit for ages 3- 6 years

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Your kids will be so excited to brush their teeth with this Oral Health Starter kit which includes:

* 3 month supply of Tooth brushing rewards charts and sticker

* Flashing Toothbrush ideal for ages 3-6 years. x1

* Dental Flossers to make flossing easier for little hands (pack design will vary due to demand)

* Toothbrushing timer to time your kids for 2 minutes when brushing. (Choose design from drop down) x1

* Selection of toothpaste suitable for ages 3-12 (Strawberry Unicorn, Bubblegum or Spearmint) x1

* Toothbrush holder to provide a protective environment for your kids toothbrush. (Choose design from drop down) x1

* Travel size Strawberry Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Please choose your preferred colour for your Timer, Toothbrush Holder design and toothpaste flavour from the drop down menu