Reverse Toothbrush

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Product Description
This brush has been specifically designed by a dentist to clean the biggest plaque and calculus trouble spot most people have which is the back of the lower front teeth and as especially useful if you have fixed retainers
It is perfect for cleaning behind the lower front teeth and is particularly useful to clean under splints and wire retainers. The brush is set at a specially designed angle to get to the back of the incisors where most people find it impossible to clean properly with a standard toothbrush.

How to Use
This brush is an addition to you normal tooth brushing. Using a probing action pull and move the handle to make the bristles push & penetrate the crevices to remove plaque. Some bleeding may occur if your gums are inflamed this will improve as your brushing becomes more effective and gums return to healthy state. Use the brush in other trouble spots like inside of molars or behind last molars For best results, use once daily. Replace head every 2-3month

2 in stock