Let's Talk Yogurt !

February 8, 2018

  • Dentists generally recommend foods like cheese, fruit, vegetables and yogurt for teeth, but some experts believe that yogurt is a superfood for teeth. Yogurt is very good for our gums, especially the tiny gums of a developing baby due to the presence of probiotics.

  • Probiotics have long been associated with the body’s digestive system, but did you know they can prevent inflammation of the gums, which in turn will help your teething baby.

  • Studies also suggest that adults who eat a lot of yogurt have healthier gums. Babies need healthy gums in order to have strong teeth. Gums are our teeth’s anchor.

  • Yogurts of another important nutrient essential for the development of healthy teeth for your baby - calcium. Calcium not only helps the formation of these healthy, strong teeth but once the permanent adult teeth appear, this calcium will prevent tooth decay by strengthening the hard, outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel.

  • Yogurt can also be a great way to get your teething baby to eat something as they’ll love the cold, soothing sensation provided by the yogurt. And since yogurt packs a lot of nutrients per gram, it’s a good way to get nutrition in on days when baby’s appetite is small or he or she is feeling a little fussy.

  • While yogurt is a good choice in terms of gum and dental health, it’s important to choose the right one. Many yogurts contain added sugar and while they may appear healthy, the sugar level can render them a bad choice of snack for your little one. When we eat or drink anything high in sugar, the bacteria naturally present in our mouths produce acids that attack the tooth enamel

  • A no added sugar is the smartest choice for your baby’s teeth. I recommend Glenisk’s new Organic No Added Sugar Organic Baby Bio Fromage Frais is my choice and will put your baby on the right path to a healthy smile.




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